Kendall Jenner Is Bringing Back the Cringe Shirt and Denim Miniskirt Combo

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Kendall Jenner really asked the question, “What trend from 2005 can I bring back next?”

If you grew up in the late ’90s or early aughts, you got used to seeing every teen girl's quirky thoughts plastered across their chests. From Paris Hilton's infamous “Stop Being Desperate” tank (which went pre-TikTok viral after being photoshopped to read “Stop Being Poor”) to those Happy Bunny shirts sold at Limited Too, there was no phrase too “ironic” to wear on a too small T-shirt paired with a too short terry-cloth skirt. (Honestly, I'm getting stress sweats just thinking about it.)

Well, after Kendall Jenner and other celebrities and Instagram influencers decided to bring back low-rise pants and even lower-rise skirts, it was only a matter of time before the cringe tank made a comeback. Gone is the era of subtle graphics and minimalist brand logos. It's officially “J'adore Cowboys” o'clock.

On August 3, Jenner posted a series of photos from a day at the rodeo wearing a white tank top that boldly displays her love of cowboys and the French language. She paired the graphic top with a ripped denim miniskirt and kept the look fresh with glowy skin, a bright creamy blush, and a very ’90s berry gloss on her lips.

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Still, when Kendall Jenner says she j'adores cowboys, she's not messing around. On August 3, fine-line tattoo artist The Ghost Kat shared some new ink she drew on Jenner's ankle. “Teeniest cowgirl boot for Kendall,” she captioned the Instagram post.

Clearly, the fresh tattoo was too subtle to get her point across, but we think the outfit did the trick. Anyway, who else has the sudden urge to drive to the mall, hit up Hollister, and grab a Cinnabon?

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