Is Kevin Love beginning to rebel against his Cavs teammates in-game?

Kevin Love must wonder how differently his career could have turned out if the trade to the harmonious Golden State Warriors in exchange for Klay Thompson was approved during the summer of 2014. Instead, in his four contentious seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers he’s been ostracized and scapegoated at every turn. Based on recent reports that the Cavs held a team meeting in order to discuss Love’s lack of accountability, you wouldn’t guess that he’s actually having his best offensive season as a Cav. Love is averaging his best per-36 numbers this season in points, 3-point percentage and field goal percentage.

Love has been at the center of a few maelstroms, but the last straw may have been Jae Crowder and his Cavs teammates walking by him like he was an annoying L Train subway performer when he collapsed to the ground after taking a hard slap to the face.

On Friday morning, Love probably listened to some Twisted Sister, decided he wasn’t gonna take it anymore and went into full passive aggressive mode. When asked Friday where he thought he’d been picked in the All-Star draft, Love quipped that it was probably last. His suspicions weren’t unfounded. Especially after the leaked top-10 portion of the NBA All-Star draft didn’t include his name. But this was only the beginning of the subversive Kevin Love show.

Against the Indiana Pacers, Love was visibly chilly in his interactions with teammates. He showed up Isaiah Thomas by caustically handing him a defensive rebound. Reportedly, Thomas was the teammate who led the charge in criticizing him during Cleveland’s aforementioned team meeting.

At some point in the contest, a clip of Love casually tossing a towel into the face of a disgruntled Jeff Green as an exasperated teammate watched, also went viral.

A one game sampling of surly Kevin Love and a few of his teammates ignoring him isn’t indicative of any long-term issues, but it only adds to the sentiment that the Cavs have the team chemistry of a VH1 reality show reunion special.

This week, the Doomsday Clock, an unofficial timepiece run by some contingent of global policy and science experts who measure mankind’s proximity to Armageddon, was moved to 2 minutes till midnight. The threat of war with North Korea, bellicose tweets from President Trump and the tension within the Cavaliers locker room surely played a part in their negative outlook. Love isn’t the confrontational type, but at this rate, the Cavs may want to bring in a conflict resolution specialist before the 2018 Cavs’ doomsday clock strikes midnight.

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