This was the key play from the Chiefs’ 17-9 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars

If they had their druthers, the Chiefs would have let the clock run down to the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Jaguars.

But they were going to have to run a play before the stoppage, and it was a big one. The Chiefs, who were holding an eight-point lead, had the ball on their 34-yard line and faced third down with 6 yards to go.

Pick up the first down, and the Chiefs would be able to pretty much salt the game away. If they didn’t get the first down, the Chiefs would end up punting and the Jaguars would get one more chance to tie the game.

And Jacksonville had two timeouts.

What followed was the biggest play in Sunday’s game, which the Chiefs won 17-9.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes took the snap and there was good protection from the offensive line. Mahomes drifted to his right, then sidestepped a defender and lofted a pass to Skyy Moore, who was wide open.

Moore hauled in the pass and ran it to the 12-yard line. That effectively ended the game but the Chiefs did pick up one more first down.

This 54-yard pass from Mahomes to Moore was the key play in the Chiefs’ victory.

Jones led the Chiefs with 70 receiving yards, and he caught a first-half touchdown pass. Mahomes completed 29 of 41 passes for 305 yards with two touchdown throws and an interception.