KFC Is Changing Its Chicken Tenders, and I Tried Them First

Plus, there's a new sauce on the side!

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

Just when you think Colonel Sanders is done, boom, there’s another launch. After a new saucy nugget flavor and the chicken quesadilla, we wouldn’t blame KFC for taking a breather, but, nope. Here they are with another finger lickin’ good menu item.

While KFC has offered chicken tenders for years now, they’re getting a little makeover. KFC is changing its Extra Crispy chicken tender recipe to its Original Recipe—you know, the top-secret 11 herbs and spices.

KFC Testing New Chicken Tenders

Instead of simply breading and frying the chicken tender, the new KFC Tenders are double breaded in KFC’s secret recipe and pressure-fried to create an extra crispy and juicy piece of chicken. Essentially, KFC is making the new tenders just like it makes its classic fried chicken.

However, along with the new recipe tenders, KFC is also introducing a new dipping sauce. After the launch of saucy nuggets, we should know by now that eating chicken isn’t the same without a sauce.

The fried chicken chain already has a signature KFC sauce, but it’s releasing a new zesty, peppery Comeback Sauce to be served alongside the tenders.



We know just thinking about the new chicken tenders and sauce probably has you planning your trip to KFC; however, there is a bit of a catch. The tenders are only available in the West Palm Beach market.

Last year, KFC tested its Original Recipe chicken tenders at select Ohio locations, and in April the chain began testing the tenders and Twister Wrap in Nashville. Now, it's running another test in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

The new test begins June 17 and will run for a limited time; hopefully, after this test, the chicken tenders will actually hit menus nationwide. I can say from experience that the tenders—and especially the sauce—are worth a spot on menus. How do I know? I tried them early at the KFC HQ.

My Honest Review

During my visit to KFC’s Louisville headquarters, I tried the Original Recipe KFC Tenders and Comeback Sauce. The chicken was incredibly, well, tender and juicy, and the breading was the iconic seasoning you know and love from KFC. So, what’s not to like?

Yes, the new tenders are great—and I can’t believe KFC hasn’t launched them nationwide yet—but we need a moment to appreciate the Comeback Sauce. It’s like KFC’s version of Cane’s Sauce or Zaxby’s sauce, and it’s quite literally perfect. I wanted to dip everything on my plate in the sauce—and I did. The fries, chicken, and if I had a biscuit, I would have dipped that in there, too.

I can see it becoming a fast favorite on KFC’s menu—and making a great addition to its chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets, as well.

Not to sound dramatic, but I will be pretty devastated if the Comeback Sauce doesn’t make it to nationwide menus. It will truly be my reason to come back to the fast food chain, so West Palm Beach customers, I’m looking at you. Get us that tendy and sauce combo!

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