Khloé Kardashian debuts her shortest hairstyle to date: a chin-length bob

khloe kardashian blonde bob
If Khloé Kardashian and Edna Mode had a baby...Gotham - Getty Images

As we know from the family's bounding success in the industry, the Kardashian-Jenners know how to make headlines (read: they need not even step outside and we're in awe via our Instagram screens). And today is no exception with Khloé Kardashian's transformative haircut... natch! Aka, if she and Edna Mode had a baby, this is the look they would be rocking outta the womb...

OK, benching the dramatics for a sec, Khloé's new style (which, to preface, is clearly a wig) arrived on our TikTok feeds just a few days ago, where she is shown to be lip-syncing to an audio clip of an iconic Britney Spears interview.

But pipping Pepsi flavours to the post, our favourite aspect of the vid has to be the blonde, choppy chin-length bob she is sporting. Not to mention its full-fringe, too.

See all that we're talking about below:

This look – which we're assuming has been created by her hairstylist who features, Andrew Fitzsimons – is reminiscent of the French bob she wore for 2022's Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty. Perhaps it's the same wig, hey?

Hair aside, in the comments section of the video, one fan noticed yet another beauty transformation on KoKo. "I think it's the first time ever I see Khloe with short nails," they wrote, with many others agreeing having racked up 1.6k likes on the comment.

And to that, we, too, must agree. After all, she is the Queen of the extra long claws klaws! So, could this be a new era for the fashion mogul? Kim and Kylie, watch out for your sis may be coming for your beauty gigs...

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