Khloe Kardashian explains why her six-year-old daughter wore makeup

Khloe Kardashian explains why her six-year-old daughter wore makeup

Khloe Kardashian has been clarifying why her young daughter was seen wearing a full face of makeup.

The reality star recently took to Instagram to share a photo of her six-year-old daughter True Thompson, who she shares with ex Tristan Thompson and two of her cousins, Dream Kardashian and Chicago West. Her post featured various images of them in different costumes and performing on stage for their annual dance recital.

“My girls had their dance recital yesterday! Year 3 done,” she captioned the post. “Can’t believe they already have done three years of dance. Life is moving quickly. They did two dances this year – Ballet and hip hop. I am so so proud of them! They were absolutely perfect.”

Kardashian went on to clarify that none of the children wear a bold lip color and blush regularly, but it was a special occasion to wear makeup for the recital.

“Obviously none of our girls wear makeup like this regularly. This was for the recital only. They are beautiful just as they are. Yesterday was super special. Memories for a lifetime,” her caption read.

Many people turned to the comments section to point out how beautiful the girls looked in their slicked-back ballerina buns and tutus.

“It’s sad you even have to specify about the makeup, but I understand why. Gorgeous little dancers!” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “This is so beautiful they’ve grown up so fast. I can’t believe it.”

Her sister, Kim Kardashian, has previously expressed similar views on makeup in an interview with Bustle earlier this year. She told the outlet that although her oldest daughter, North, wears some makeup, she wouldn’t do the same with her second oldest daughter.

My littlest one’s too little [to wear makeup] and I don’t let her,” she told the outlet.

“I look back and there’s times when I remember I let my daughter wear a red lip once for Christmas. Would I do that now? Probably not,” she said.

The Skims founder was referring to Christmas 2018 when a then-five-year-old North was seen wearing bright red lipstick at her family’s annual Christmas Eve bash. At the time she clarified on X, formerly known as Twitter, she was only wearing it for the special occasion.

“At least with my oldest daughter, she just likes to dress her friends up and do makeup looks, whether it’s like Pikachu or the Grinch,” she revealed in her Bustle interview. “I don’t think she’s there yet to where she is going into Sephora and trying on stuff.”

“We were at Saks in the makeup department the other night and she tested something but put a heart on her face with it. I’m like, I don’t think that’s really why you use eyeliner,” she laughed.

Although she noted that makeup is limited for her daughters at the time, she does support them playing around with it while at home. “They are always trying to use everything that I have in my drawers. I think it’s a fun game for them. It’s art for them to try to do makeup, which is so fun for me to watch,” Kardashian told Bustle.

“It’s like they want to play with their friends and do it, and then they want to just wash it right off. I’m down for the artistry. I think it’s fun when they’re trying it all and expressing themselves.”