Khloé Kardashian says she once 'felt ashamed to go shopping': 'There were not a lot of options for me'

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Khloé Kardashian on her inclusive clothing brand and teaching daughter, True, good habits. (Photo: Getty Images)
Khloé Kardashian on her inclusive clothing brand and teaching daughter, True, good habits. (Photo: Getty Images)

Nearly five years after the launch of her inclusive clothing brand Good American, Khloé Kardashian says she's still "rooting" for her younger self as she works to create styles that fit and flatter all bodies — something that she couldn't find while growing up.

"When I was at my biggest, I definitely felt incredibly ashamed to go shopping," she tells Yahoo Life. "I never even knew what to wear because there was not a lot of options for me."

The reality television star has been candid about body image throughout her time in the spotlight, from being called the "fat sister" to ultimately losing weight and creating her own spin-off show about similar transformations called Revenge Body. But after recently opening up about the "pressure, constant ridicule and judgement" that she continues to face when it comes to her appearance, Kardashian explains that fashion has been a big part of her body acceptance journey.

"I always thought I was really sexy and sassy, I always had crazy confidence when I was younger. But fashion never really was my friend when I was at those formative years in my life," she says, explaining that at her "biggest" she was a size 14 or 16. "I just didn’t know where to turn or where to go and we didn’t have online shopping like that. There was very limited options."

She continues, "I was always daydreaming. I would look at magazines and think I want to wear those things, but nothing ever came in my size at that time."

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While she doesn't deal with the same issues today, Kardashian is proud to be a trailblazer within the larger movement of size inclusivity — which brands like Old Navy are just now starting to focus on. "I'm still supporting the girl that was left behind I felt like by fashion," she says. "The brand has always been about letting women decide what they wanted to wear in what styles, regardless of what their sizes are. We’re not following a fad."

As a mother to a 3-year-old daughter, True, not bending on that mission is more important than ever, especially as the 37-year-old is set on teaching her little girl about diversity and inclusion on a larger scale.

"I want her to be exposed to as much inclusion and variety as possible," Kardashian said during a podcast appearance in July, when she spoke about raising a biracial daughter. "I don’t want her living in a bubble. Because we do have a privileged life, I want her to know all types of life, all types of living and be very aware of that."

Kardashian tells Yahoo Life that awareness over her daily habits is something that she's been particularly focused on since becoming a mother. And while she and her sisters are known to be fairly active on social media, she says that her screen time is something she now pays close attention to at home.

"I do think our kids mimic what they see. So when I’m with [True] I try to be as present as possible," she explains. "Our phones are glued to our hands, sometimes even going to the restroom I realize I’m like taking it with me. But I really try to be so aware of the amount of time I have."

Although True is allowed "a certain amount of screen time," Kardashian says that she saves most of her own phone use for after the 3-year-old is asleep. And while social media can admittedly be stressful, Kardashian explains that she's grown to love playing games on her phone and is gearing up to host the new Candy Crush Saga All-Star Tournament starting on Thursday.

"I actually became really into it when I got pregnant and it was something that if everyone was out or hanging out at my house and drinking, I was so content being curled up in a ball playing Candy Crush and just vibing," she says. "I just kind of feel like I’m still relaxing and unwinding and going in chill mode."

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