Kid wins minor league Icee-chugging contest, loses battle with brain freeze

This kid at the Memphis Redbirds game won the Icee-chugging contest, but wasn’t able to prevent the dreaded brain freeze. (Twitter/@memphisredbirds)

Minor league baseball is the best. In the majors you get to see big stars and baseball at its highest level, but in the minors they’re focused on making sure you have an amazing time. They’ll do anything to keep the crowd entertained between innings: animal tricks, tumbling groups, T-shirt cannons and fan contests.

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On Sunday, the Memphis Redbirds (the Triple-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals) went the fan contest route when they hosted an Icee-chugging contest. And when you see a kid throw himself into a contest like this, you know it was a good idea.

This kid is the best. First, he’s going after that Icee-chugging title like his life depends on it. He’s sucking the Icee through that little straw with his entire body. He’s giving his all. And right after time runs out and he holds up that cup, you can see the brain freeze hit him. Actually, you can hear it first. While one of the Hawaiian-shirted judges is standing in front of him, you can hear him let out a muted “aaaakkk” as his hand flies to his brow.

Once the judge moves out of the camera’s way, you can see the kid in full brain freeze agony. His eyes are scrunched up and he looks like he’s trying to pull his face off. Then he puts a hand on each side of his head, like his brain is about to explode. Brain freeze isn’t fun.

Despite the ice cream (or Icee) headache, I bet that kid would say it was worth it. Brain freeze only lasts a short while, and then it’s just a distant memory. But that Icee-chugging title will last forever. For giving your all in the face of inevitable brain freeze, Big League Stew salutes you, Icee Kid!

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