'My kids were born tan': Jessie James Decker hits back at mom-shamers

Jessie James Decker. Image via Getty Images.

Jessie James Decker is the latest celebrity mom to come under attack after sharing a photo of daughter to social media.

The country singer posted a photo of her four-year-old daughter, Vivianne, sporting a summer glow and enjoying a snack with the caption, “Tan bunny.”

Now, mom-shaming trolls are checking their wifi signals from under their bridges to lecture the 30-year-old mother of three about the importance of sunscreen.

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Decker’s 4-year-old daughter, Vivianne. Image via Instagram.


As a skin cancer patient, I can tell you this is horrible, I was told my skin cancer came from over exposure to the sun when I was younger that is now coming back to haunt me,” one person wrote. “Protect your children! Use sun screen and limit sun exposure! Just ask anyone dealing with skin cancer.. it’s no joke!”

Others veiled their unwanted feedback with a compliment like the person who commented, “So cute, get the sunscreen on those cheeks.”

The “controversy” is just the latest in celebrity moms who fall victim to the brigade of keyboard critics who judge their every move.

Jessie with husband Eric Decker. Image via Getty.

Luckily, Decker and her NFL player husband, Eric Decker, have a solid fanbase thanks to their reality show “Eric and Jessie: Game On” that premiered on E! in 2013.

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Some of Decker’s loyal followers were quick to jump to the star’s defense, and shared their support for the singer.

Y’all act like she shoved her kid in a tanning bed and thats why she’s tan,” one supportive fan replied. “Heaven forbid if kids get sun when they’re outside. I can probably bet that she knows to put sunscreen on her kids. Quit being rude and judgmental.”

Others were quick to point out to panicked mom-shamers that sunscreen doesn’t prevent skin from tanning, and that Decker’s Italian heritage definitely plays a factor.

Eric and Jessie with their three children, 4-year-old Vivianne, 2-year-old Eric Jr. and 3-month-old Forrest. Image via Instagram.

“My kids wear a TON of sunblock, but thanks to my Mediterranean skin, they also tan. Doesn’t mean they don’t wear sunblock,” a fan named Aileen wrote.

The comment prompted a response from the star who attempted to quiet her critics. “Thank you!” Decker replied, “Exactly… Lebanese, Italian and Greek and still cover my babies head to toe all day in SPF 50 with hats and swim shirts! My babies were born tan.”

Summer temperatures are hot as heck, but can everyone just chill?

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