Kim Kardashian’s Icy White Hair Makes Her Look Like a Sexy Supervillain

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Photo credit: Paul Morigi - Getty Images
Photo credit: Paul Morigi - Getty Images

Ever since Kim Kardashian dyed her hair from dark brunette to white-blonde (2022’s post–Met Gala version, that is), she has been slaying so many beauty moments. To touch on a few of the many looks served, we’ve seen a Pam Anderson piecey Portofino do as well as a streaky tones Parisian look. Then there was, my favorite, the extra-short chin-skimming bob.

Now, in her recent Instagram post, she’s giving us major Batman supervillain vibes with silver loose waves and a dark root—in the best way possible, of course. Perhaps Zoë Kravitz at the February 2022 Batman premiere x Draco Malfoy circa 2011’s Deathly Hallow’s getup was the inspiration behind the following?

I mean, if Kim were to be sorted into a Hogwarts house, it would most definitely be Slytherin. Her ambition, leadership qualities and ofc, the peroxide white hair are all dead giveaways, wouldn’t you agree? But that’s beside the point...

Not only is the effortless silver wave giving movie star vibes but the bug-eyed sunglasses, black leather ’fit and fancy Batmobile car in the background all scream superhero action. Someone hand us over a script, ASAP—Kim, this is your calling.

It seems Kim may even agree herself. Yes, the picture itself speaks a thousand words but she also hinted at the Bat-inspo with her caption. Keeping it simple, she used the bat emoji: “🦇”—’nuff said, I suppose.

Kiki, whether it be the hair, boyfriend or just your major life achievements recently, we have to say, you are glowing. We love to see it.

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