Kim Kardashian pokes fun at 'belly button insecurities' while responding to Photoshop rumors

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Kim Kardashian is refuting Photoshop rumors surrounding her latest photos posing in SKIMS.

The reality star and mogul took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday to post screenshots of articles from a number of publications alleging that she had a "Photoshop fail" on a series of photos that she had posted while poolside in her namesake shapewear. According to one headline, it looked as though Kardashian was "missing a belly button."

The 41-year-old responded to the accusation herself, writing, "Come on guys... Seriously! This is so dumb! Claiming I photoshopped out my belly button?"

She then posted a video of her posing for the shot to prove that it wasn't Photoshopped. She even poked fun at the accusations by playing into the joke herself.

Kardashian responded to the headlines on social media. (Photo: Instagram)
Kardashian responded to the headlines on social media. (Photo: Instagram)

"Belly button insecurities?! Well... why don't you head on over to to conceal that saggy belly button of yours with a great pair of high waisted underwear like I did!" she wrote. "You're welcome!!!"

While few of the comments on Kardashian's previous Instagram post question if the pictures are "hella edited," many others praise the mother-of-four for looking so youthful and natural.

"I love relaxed Kim," one person wrote, while another commented on her "low key glam."

Another said, "so naturally pretty."

It wouldn't be the first time that one of the Kardashian sisters shut down accusations about Photoshopping their images. Most notably, Khloé went live on Instagram to show off her figure back in April 2021 after an unsolicited bikini photo led people to suggest that her images were being altered.

At the very least, Kim is looking to drive sales for her brand's high-waisted underwear.

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