Kim Kardashian tells mom shamers to relax after posting video of 5-year-old 'contour queen' North West in makeup

People have some strong feelings about how Kim Kardashian dresses and grooms her 5-year-old daughter, North West. The reality star has recently gotten flak for letting the little girl wear a bikini and straighten her naturally curly hair, so it makes sense that she would issue a preemptive warning to potential mom shamers: Please just lay off.

Kim Kardashian asked critics to “relax” as she filmed her daughter wearing KKW Beauty lipstick. (Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram Stories)

Kardashian posted video clips of “contour queen” North coating her face in makeup. In her final appearance, the layers of foundation have been removed, but she’s still wearing lipstick (shade No. 6, apparently) from her mom’s new KKW Beauty Classic Blossom collection.

The 37-year-old mother of three calls her princess-dress-clad cutie the “best model,” but she’s very aware of the potential backlash. As such, she captioned the clip with a note to “Mom Shamers” explaining that she’s about to wipe off the makeup, which was a “bribe” to get her kid in the car.

North West raided her mom’s makeup stash. (Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram Stories)
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. (Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram Stories)

Judge all you like, but expect North to have the last laugh. If she’s a real Kardashian-Jenner, she’s bound to launch her own billion-dollar beauty line any day now.

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