Kim Kardashian's 'biggest parenting fail' is all kinds of relatable

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Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram
Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram

Parenting is hard. One look at a screaming kid throwing themselves on the floor in the middle of Asda is proof of that. It may come as some consolation then to know that even Kim Kardashian doesn't have it easy with her four kids.

Speaking on a new instalment of The Ellen Show's Mom Confessions web series, Kim opened up about her "biggest parenting fail," proving once and for all that she really is just like the rest of us.

"My biggest parenting fail is, I give in too easily sometimes," the 40-year-old said, "and bribes, I'm guilty of a good bribe." As for whether or not she lies to her children, the reality star revealed she's given up on that. "I really try not to lie to my kids," she admitted, "I was doing that in the beginning, to try and get them out of the house or to try and get them to go to a playdate, things like that. But I just realised quickly that it wasn't going to work for me and I'd rather be honest with my kids."

She also candidly offered up a bit of advice for new parents too. "I would honestly just say, maybe it will calm you, everyone is winging it, just winging it," the SKIMS founder highlighted, "but you'll figure it out." And, on the topic of what she's had to learn as a parent herself, she jokingly answered, "everything."

Kim shares four children with her estranged husband, Kanye WestNorth (8), Saint (5), Chicago (3) and Psalm (2).

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