Kimberley Walsh admits pelvic floor let her down on the West End stage

Kimberley Walsh chatted about appearing on the West End on White Wine Question Time

Kimberley Walsh has admitted that she almost wet herself on stage during her recent stint in Big: The Musical.

The Girls Aloud star was chatting alongside friend Izzy Judd on White Wine Question Time about the bravest thing they’d done recently.

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Laughing, Kimberley revealed that doing nightly tuck jumps – where you jump in the air with both your legs tucked under you – on the stage each night was the most courageous thing she’d attempted.

“I thought that was quite brave,” she told podcast host Kate Thornton. “It's quite an athletic thing for somebody of my age to do. I'm literally holding that pelvic floor like you've never known!.”

Kimberley, who played love interest Susan Lawrence opposite Strictly Come Dancing winner, Jay McGuiness, in the West End musical admitted one night was riskier than others after she took a slight tumble on stage.

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“I actually stacked it in the routine, which is fine, as I'm over embarrassment now because of where I'm at in my life,” she explained. “I got the giggles so bad and then I had to do the tuck jumps and honestly, it was literally the scariest moment of my life because I couldn't stop laughing. 

Kimberley Walsh appeared on White Wine Question Time alongside pal Izzy Judd

“I was doing these jumps and I thought, I'm literally on a wing and a prayer here! I was looking at Jay who has no idea – not a single clue. He just thinks I'm horrified because of what's just happened. I'm like, ‘Mate, it's much worse than that. It's worse than you'll ever know!’”

Joking about the near miss, Kimberley laughed: “Could you imagine a leading lady in a puddle in the middle of the stage?”


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