Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins raps Hamilton song

Kirk Cousins might not seem like a rapper at first, but when he gave it a shot at Redskins training camp, well, he confirmed that perception.

During a mic’d up practice, Cousins was heard rapping a song from the Broadway musical Hamilton. You can watch the full performance in the video player above.

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Cousins claimed, “Hamilton is kind of an underrated figure in American history,” then launched into a rendition of the song “Alexander Hamilton.”

The ten-dollar founding father without a father,
Got a lot farther by working a lot harder,
By being a lot smarter by being a self-starter,
By fourteen, they placed him in charge of a trading charter.

His accompanying hand movements are phenomenal.

By the end, Cousins was talking about trying to see the show when it comes to the Kennedy Center in Washington. He’s a big musical theater person and has talked about it at length in the past.

Don’t know much about Hamilton? The production starring Lin-Manuel Miranda has caught fire over the last year or so, earning legions of fans and selling out night after night.

Cousins isn’t the only athlete who’s caught the Hamilton bug. Warriors guard Stephen Curry has made a spectacle of singing its songs on social media and on Carpool Karaoke.

Maybe Curry and Cousins could do a duet of sorts. Now all they need is an invite from Jimmy Fallon…

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