The kiss that led to Spain soccer chief Luis Rubiales quitting

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(Reuters) -Following is a timeline of events that led to the resignation by Luis Rubiales on Sunday as chief of the Spanish football federation.

Aug. 20

Spain beats England 1-0 in the Women's World Cup final.

Standing beside Spain's Queen Letizia and one of her teenage daughters on the stadium's seats, Federation President Rubiales enthusiastically celebrates the victory, including grabbing his crotch while pointing to the field.

Then he kisses player Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the post-match celebrations.

Aug. 21

Rubiales apologises after his actions sparked outrage, with Spain's second deputy prime minister calling for his resignation.

Aug. 22

Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says Rubiales' apology was not enough.

Aug. 23

Hermoso calls for "exemplary measures" to be taken against Rubiales.

Aug. 24

FIFA's Disciplinary Committee opens disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales.

Reports about Rubiales plans to resign on an emergency assembly.

Aug. 25

Rubiales refuses to step down as president. "I will not resign, I will not resign," he says.

Spain's government starts legal proceedings seeking to suspend Rubiales.

Hermoso says in a post in social media that she was "vulnerable" when kissed. "I felt vulnerable and a victim of aggression. I was simply not respected."

The Spain team, including the entire group of 23 players who participated in the Women's World Cup, declare their refusal to play for Spain's women's team until Rubiales is ousted.

Aug. 26

FIFA's Disciplinary Committee says it has provisionally suspended Rubiales for 90 days pending an investigation.

Spain's soccer federation says it would take legal action to defend Rubiales and would show there have been lies about what happened by Hermoso or people speaking for her.

Jorge Vilda, the coach of the Spanish Women's soccer team, says that he regrets the "inappropriate behaviour" of Rubiales.

Aug. 28

Spain's High Court prosecutor opens a preliminary investigation into whether Rubiales might have committed an act of sexual assault when he grabbed Hermoso's head and kissed her on the lips.

Rubiales' mother locks herself inside a church and starts a hunger strike to protest against what she called her son's "inhumane treatment".

Spain's Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz says male chauvinism is "systemic" in the country and was shown in its worst form with Rubiales.

Aug. 29

Spanish regional soccer chiefs demand that Rubiales resign, as the country's caretaker government promised to ensure women play a bigger role in running sports.

Sept. 4

The Spanish men's team criticises Rubiales for his "unacceptable behaviour" after he kissed Hermoso.

Sept. 5

Vilda is sacked as coach of Spanish women's team.

In a separate statement by interim President Pedro Rocha, the RFEF apologise for Rubiales' "inappropriate conduct".

Sept. 6

Hermoso lodges a criminal complaint over the kiss by Rubiales.

Sept. 8

A Spanish prosecutor files a complaint with the High Court against Rubiales for sexual assault and coercion.

Sept. 10

Rubiales says he will resign from his position as president.

(Compiled by Tommy Lund in GdanskEditing by Frances Kerry)