You should know about Lady Amelia Windsor, the 'most beautiful member of the royal family'

Hannah Kramer

She may not be a household name like Duchess Kate, but there's another royal who should be on your radar: Lady Amelia Windsor.

The 22-year-old daughter of Earl George Windsor, and granddaughter of the Queen's first cousin the Duke of Kent, has been making headlines worldwide for her growing involvement in Europe's fashion world. The former Edinburgh University student has already walked for Dolce and Gabbana for Fashion Week, sat front and center at numerous exclusive in-house fashion events and appeared in a short film for designer Penelope Chilvers.

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"I would love to make a contribution to any aspect behind the creative process. On my year abroad I want to really further my understanding of every aspect of a fashion house: from the making of the fabrics to the production of a catwalk show," she said to Vogue in 2017 about her fashion aspirations.

Most recently, she appeared at the Tommy Hilfiger and Armani shows at London Fashion Week. She turned heads at a party by Miu Miu, showing off her model figure in a black lace bralette. The bilingual royal -- who took a year abroad in both Paris and Rome -- is also known for embarking on solo journeys to places like Morocco.

Lady Amelia documents many of her fashionista adventures on social media because it "allows anyone to be creative and imaginative."

"I also love that we can share all the beautiful and meaningful things we see and hear in the world. I find it so inspiring and uplifting," she explained to Vogue about the platform.

She hasn't stopped there. Lady Amelia has been deemed "the most beautiful member of the royal family" by the Tatler magazine, on which she was featured on the cover -- it's quite clear why. Cementing her role in the fashion world, she'll become a face you'll want to know.

You can get a glimpse into her world here.

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