Kourtney Kardashian Wore a Crop Top and Some Very Steamy Plastic Shoes to Church


Eldest Kardashian sib, Kourtney, stepped out in her, uh, Wednesday best, for an evening church service in LA last night, clad in (what else?) a crop top and see-through pumps (likely Yeezy).

Crop tops aren't typically part of your regular "church wardrobe," but bare midriffs aside, Kourt actually looked rather classy on her weeknight outing, pairing an Off-White shirt (shop a similar style here) with a pair of high-waist pale gray trousers. But the part causing us concern? Those steamy pumps.

No, seriously, those pumps are causing us anxiety … Is this OK, health-wise? Are our feet supposed to be confined to a PVC-lined cage for hours at a time? According to experts: Nope.

Dr. Rock Positano, Director of the Non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, told Vogue, “The foot by itself [without a sock] in a shoe, plastic or not, provides a perfect milieu for bacterial and fungal growth. It is moist, dark, and there is heat. The combination of those three things make a foot inside a shoe a dangerous place.” Nooooo. Oh, and it gets worse, if you’re allergic to plastic, the footwear may trigger an aptly-termed reaction called “hot foot,” which literally makes your feet feel like they’re on fire. Hard pass, Yeezy.

And, aside from medical concerns, they’re also just really uncomfortable.

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“With a plastic shoe, you don’t have flexibility,” Positano explained. “They are very, very hard. Feet naturally swell in the afternoon, so a person can go from a size 7 to a size 9, and plastic shoes don’t expand with the foot. A leather shoe, or a shoe that is made out of hide, has the ability to expand a little bit.”

We don’t always make the most comfortable or fashion choices, but this feels like a statement that is 100% not worth the risk.