Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Said Parenthood Is the “Greatest Thing”

"When I have failures in life, I get to come home and still be a dad.”

Despite their lengthy slate of TV shows and movies, the role that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard cherish the most is parenting.

On Thursday, the couple spoke to support their diaper brand Hello Bello on the 2023 SXSW panel in Austin, Texas. Touching on the significance of affordable baby products, the two expressed their love for parenting and raising their two daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

"When I have failures in life, I get to come home and still be dad," Shepard said. "It is the most transformative experience. You can feel it's why you are here."

He added that "nothing compares to being a dad. It is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me."

<p>Rick Kern/FilmMagic</p>

Rick Kern/FilmMagic

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Speaking for herself, Bell shared with the audience the pure joy that comes with “seeing her two girls play together." Adding that, being pregnant “was awesome."

Bell and Shepard are the world’s most relatable parents, who do not shy away from being upfront with their two daughters — they even made a commercial about their honesty-first parenting style. Last month, in an interview with Real Simple for its Game Changers issue, Bell said that she doesn't believe in the word "taboo," even when it comes to sharing things with her kids, like making their daughters aware of Shepard's decades-long battle with addiction.

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George Pimentel / Getty Images

"I hate the word 'taboo.' I think it should be stricken from the dictionary," she told the publication. "There should be no topic that's off the table for people to talk about. I know it's shocking, but I talk to my kids about drugs, and the fact that their daddy is an addict, and he's in recovery, and we talk about sex. There are all these 'hard topics' that don't have to be if you give the person on the other end your vulnerability and a little bit of credit."

It goes beyond openness for these parents. The number one thing for Bell and Shepard is teaching their children forgiveness and apologizing, "because humans leave carnage wherever they go."

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