Kristen Stewart Says She’ll ‘Never’ Star in a Marvel Movie — Unless Greta Gerwig Directs It | Video

“I will likely never do a Marvel movie,” Kristen Stewart told the “Not Skinny, Not Fat” podcast before clarifying, “If Greta Gerwig asked me to do a Marvel movie, then I would do it,”

In a post-Oscars interview with the show released this week, the “Love Lies Bleeding” star said she’s “obsessed” and a “super-duper” fan of “Barbie,” but that making a superhero movie “sounds like a f–king nightmare, actually.”

The actress, who previously spoke about how much she hated making 2019’s “Charlie’s Angels,” said, “I like big movies because I like people to watch them when I’m in them. The system would have to change. … What ends up happening is this algorithmic, weird experience where you can’t feel personal at all about it.”

“But maybe the world changes,” Stewart said. That’s when she specified that she would sign on the dotted line for a Marvel movie if Gerwig was directing. Both Stewart and Marvel will have to wait, though, as Gerwig’s next project is “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

Stewart, who received a Best Actress nomination in 2022 for her portrayal of Princess Diana in “Spencer,” said she got “emotional” watching Ryan Gosling perform “I’m Just Ken” live during the March 10 Academy Awards ceremony.

“Best they’ve been in years, I feel. Don’t you think it was just a good show? I was, for some reason, crying and laughing while watching the Ken thing,” Stewart gushed to host Amanda Hirsch in a video shared to TikTok. “It’s emotional, dude, watching Greta watch it. When they did the one cutaway of her and she was just, like, front-row belting and looking at the thing she helped kickstart…”

Speaking of big films, the actress, who played Bella Swan in the “Twilight” films, sidestepped a chance to slander the YA vampire franchise. When Hirsch asked, “Do we not like [Bella] in retrospect,” Stewart smiled and said, “You better be careful. I don’t know if you can tell who you’re talking to right now.”

You can listen to the entire Not Skinny, Not Fat episode featuring Kristen Stewart here.

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