Kristen Stewart Wearing This Dangerously Tiny Black Bodysuit Is about to Become My Entire Personality

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

I thought I knew exactly how versatile a good bodysuit can be in one's wardrobe, but I confess I never thought to make the bodysuit the whole outfit, which is what Kristen Stewart did at the Love Lies Bleeding premiere in Los Angeles on March 5. It's not a particularly full-coverage bodysuit either.

<h1 class="title">Los Angeles Premiere Of A24's "Love Lies Bleeding" - Arrivals</h1><cite class="credit">Emma McIntyre/Getty Images</cite>

Los Angeles Premiere Of A24's "Love Lies Bleeding" - Arrivals

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The actor's black one-piece, by the brand BETTTER, has spaghetti straps and generous open cutouts at the waist, and is dangerously narrow all the way down. Stewart wore it over sheer black tights, with a black blazer by the same brand slung around her shoulders. She finished the ensemble with a pair of black stilettos, piece-y bangs, and a distinctly “Yes, and?” attitude.

Of course, Kristen Stewart kind of always brings that energy to her fashion choices. Case in point: her jockstrap look for the cover of Rolling Stone. "I never have felt like I have performed a femininity in order to reap its benefits in a way that felt like a lie,” she told the mag. “I’m very fluid, and I’ve never felt like, ‘Oh, wow, I was doing this lie for a long time in order to get jobs.’ That would be wrong. I have had a good time playing with all of the tonal qualities. But there’s so much room for success when you choose the girlie one. There’s no room for this other one.”

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