Kyle Lowry didn't pursue triple-double because of Fred VanVleet

Miami Heat point guard Kyle Lowry jokes about not pursuing a triple-double on Monday night vs. the Pacers because his former teammate, Fred VanVleet, narrowly missed out on one a few days ago

Video Transcript

- How much joy does it give you to get guys in the right spots and to see them hit shots? Obviously, you get the assist because of it. But just to sort of help position guys for this kind of success, franchise-tying record, 22 3-pointers.

KYLE LOWRY: Just, these guys are making shots. These guys work at it. You know, Max has been playing well and shooting the ball extremely well. Duncan has been getting back in his groove a lot more. Gabe is-- you know, he's been shooting the ball extremely well.

Tyler came off an injury. He got some fresh leg, got some pop tonight. And then KZ hitting two of them is big. And then, you know, UD hitting one, it's pretty cool. I'm the one that messed it up with the 0-5. But we got a win in. And my teammates had success. So that's all that really matters. Oh, and [INAUDIBLE] hit one too.

- Fair enough. We all know triple, doubles matter because they're just things. And clearly, it seemed like you really wanted to get two points and get the heck off the court. And then it almost seemed like you sort of tapped out there, like I'll go without it tonight. I don't want to get [INAUDIBLE] ahead enough. What was it like there to be that close to something that's still meaningful?

KYLE LOWRY: It ain't meaningful. I ain't going to break no records. So I don't really care. Shout out to Freddy-- I decided not to get it because Fred VanVleet didn't get his. So I ain't get mine. So that's why-- I was, you know, I'm gonna keep it-- you know, I mean, Freddy ain't getting one.

So no, I mean, literally it's one of them things where everybody's like, hey, try to get one. And once you don't get it, you don't chase it. I'm not going to chase it. I'm not going to be thirsty for it. I don't care about it. You know, I have enough in my career to be a 6'0 guy. I'm pretty happy with the amount that I have.

But when it comes this close and you get a win even without it, it feels a lot better.

- I had the opportunity. But knowing my luck, I would get like a very minor injury trying to chase down and rebound or something, and be dealing with it for the rest of the year. So I'm just finally now getting healthy after about a month of a few different things. And I'm trying to stay that way.

- What were you doing [? closing out ?] to shooters when you get the rebounds?

- Yeah, I know. I got to be a little more selfish. I think I can get them, though. If I actually tried to get a triple, double, I probably could get it. But every time I get close, I just can't make myself hunt it the way I need to. And being the shortest guy on the court doesn't really help in terms of chasing rebounds down.

My teammates, they're not giving me the Westbrook treatment, where they get out of the way and let me go get it. So I have to have a talk with them about that.

- [INAUDIBLE] better from Kyle?

- Yeah, no, Kyle-- Yeah, Kyle, is a lot more relentless than I am when it comes to that.


- That's the word.

- Yeah, relentless, so we'll say that. So shout-out to him. At some point I'll get there. But tonight was definitely not going to be that night for me.

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