Kyle Lowry directed expletives at a ref, got ejected and promptly kissed his son

Kyle Lowry, kissing babies like a true politician. (TSN screen shot)

I don’t know why I love Kyle Lowry kissing his baby immediately after being ejected. I just do.

One second you can clearly be caught on camera yelling at a referee, “That’s a [expletive] foul,” earning two quick technical fouls and an ejection in the second quarter of a heated game against a team you’re battling for Eastern Conference playoff positioning, and the next you’re like, “I love you, son.”

This is the power of children and a sweet reminder NBA players go home to their families after work. And shedding the frustration of a tough day at the office upon seeing your baby is the best of things.

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Before you start thinking that’s just a random baby Lowry is kissing, which would be a power move unto itself, the Toronto Sun confirmed the boy is the three-time All-Star’s youngest son, Kameron.

At least Lowry had reason to smile after his Raptors lost to the Wizards, 107-96.

I also enjoyed the part where Kameron was transfixed on something before his dad hit him with the kiss. I like to imagine he was watching the replay on the Jumbotron, wondering what that referee was thinking tossing his pops just for saying the word fudge to a referee. Anyway, good times all around.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time Lowry has been seen laying a smooch down on the sidelines. He once crashed into a fan in the front row and gave her a peck and a rub on the forehead as an apology:

Kyle Lowry. Lover of the light. Future Canadian prime minister?

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