Kylie Jenner fans think Aire looks identical to Stormi in new TikTok

kylie jenner faqns think aire looks like stormi paris, france january 25 kylie jenner is seen arriving at the jean paul gaultier show on january 25, 2023 in paris photo by mega gc images
Kylie Jenner fans think Aire looks like StormiGetty Images

On January 21st after almost one year of *impatiently* waiting, Kylie Jenner finally revealed the name of her son to the world (again). After initially introducing him as Wolf Webster on her social media earlier last year, the 25-year-old recently confirmed that her youngest child is now called Aire. So. Cute.

Since the big announcement, we've seen a lot more of the youngster across social media, including Kylie's sweet birthday post for him on the 2nd of February, which happens to fall just one day after Stormi's. And in a new TikTok video, which shows the beauty mogul spending some quality time with her only son, fans have been quick to comment on the likeness of the siblings, specifically saying that Aire looks identical to his older sister.

"AIRE BABY YOU LOOK LIKE STORMI," one user wrote, as another typed: "Aire is the boy version of Stormi."

Other fans took to the comments section to join in, with one person writing: "He looks exactly like Stormi," as someone else said: "Just like his big sis Stormi baby."

It wasn't just Kylie's firstborn that fans were comparing him to, either - many also shared how they thought the one-year-old resembles his famous mum.

"He looks like his mommy, exact same eye colour and shape," one person wrote, as another agreed, typing: "He's got his momma's eyes."

One thing is for sure - baby Aire is literally the sweetest, and we cannot wait for more cute content, whenever that might be.

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