Kylie Jenner's Backless Printed Swimsuit Looks NSFW (But It's Not)

Katherine J. Igoe

From Marie Claire

  • I am not ashamed to admit it totally fooled me for a second.

The Kardashian-Jenners have fooled me yet again! When I'm up scrolling through my feed, I won't be paying attention to anything in particular, and then BOOM. I'll get a look at something that appears to be a NSFW photo, so I need to go back, look closely, then feel a bit silly that I was so easily tricked. And last night, it was Kylie Jenner's JPG one-piece swimsuit (I think it's vintage), which has what looks like the torso of a naked woman on it. Even though, as I peer at it more carefully like a crazy person, it's very clearly not sheer, I really did, for a second, think it was a fully naked photo. The fact that it's very likely a statue, complete with cracks, should have been a tipoff. Spoiler alert: It was not.

The last time this happened, it was Kim Kardashian in a jumpsuit that looked like she wasn't wearing anything underneath that nearly made me spit out my coffee all over myself. That outfit was also a trick of the eye and was also vintage JPG—guys, that's so sneaky! I feel like I need a warning before I'm about to see something NSFW-adjacent, so I can be sitting down/not holding a drink.

Here's the suit, so you can judge for yourself (just, you know, maybe don't look at it on your work computer maybe? It's an artsy image, but you never know.):

Here's another angle that focuses less on the, you know, naked part, and more on her looong braid and chunky jewelry:

And this angle. If you swipe through to the second photo, that definitely gives the best version of the optical illusion:

I mean. I absolutely, 100%, would just look like an idiot, but of all the people in the world it seems like this outfit would match best with Kylie? Also, A+ for effort, because you totally tricked me.

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