Kylie Jenner's favourite designer built a fashion empire from her bedroom

Kylie Jenner in one of Tzarina’s designs. <i>(Photo via Instagram)</i>
Kylie Jenner in one of Tzarina’s designs. (Photo via Instagram)

Originally cast to play Selma Hayek’s daughter in an upcoming French movie, Ollia Tzarina found herself reconsidering her Hollywood dreams when the film fell through. From Surrey, England, Tzarina admits her fashion label was purely a coincidence during a difficult time.

“I was really trying to find myself at that time. I was going to go into acting, and I was cast to play Salma Hayek’s daughter in a French film. Then she dropped out so I was back at square one… but I always knew I’d be in fashion,” she told the Daily Mail.

Love these faux fur 'Candy' bombers

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“I literally set the brand up by accident. I couldn’t find a fur coat of a certain colour and really needed one, so I had it made. I took some photos for my Instagram and everybody went crazy for it… so I set up a brand in my bedroom, had a few jackets made and they were sold out within a week.”

The 29-year-old now bases her business between London and Milan, listing internships at Vogue and Tatler among her studies at the London College of Fashion.

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“When I really sat down to think about the concept, I wanted to create a niche. There was no brand like this, nobody dyed the fur in extraordinary colours,” she said.

With her most expensive piece ringing in at $9,000, Tzarina’s designs are a more-affordable alternative to high end fur fashion. With the average price of $3,300, the jackets are a less-expensive alternative for her niche market.

“I wanted the jackets to be more of an accessory rather than a necessity. I wanted to give a beautiful high end feel and quality, but have an affordable price tag,” she said.

Iggy in pink

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With celebrities like J. Lo, Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande sporting Tzarina’s latest designs, the designer is confident she’s onto new technology when it comes to the future of faux fur.

“…my faux fur technology is one of a kind. I have an entire factory division dedicated to that. The feel of the fake fur is so realistic, even the fashion editors have a hard time to see straight away that the fur is fake and not animal. It literally feels shockingly authentic. Nobody in the industry has this technology,” details Tzarina.

Another unique characteristic of Tzarina’s fashion line is her label’s use of more than 50 different colours, ranging from snow white to lime green. With such a diverse range, the young designer is hopeful even average women – with money – will introduce her fashion line to their wardrobes.

Chic in the City ( pic: The 'Fashionista' coat , available in white, pink and blue )

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“Even though girls like Kendall and Kylie wear it, the brand is so approachable to the normal girl… These jackets are so versatile, they don’t scream high maintenance and they are very easy to wear,” she adds.

So long as the price is right, Tzarina envisions women across occupations sporting her latest fur trends.

“The wide range of the colour palette – we use about 50 shades – means any girl whether she is a starlet or a student can choose one they will adore.”

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