Kyrie will not respond to your LeBron nonsense, will quote Teddy Roosevelt

Kyrie Irving looks beyond LeBron James. (AP)

As you may have heard, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James earned the first ejection of his career in the third quarter of Tuesday’s win over the Miami Heat. It was the biggest story of an otherwise quiet NBA night, and reporters needed to fill their notebooks on Wednesday afternoon.

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So, here’s an idea: Hey, Kyrie Irving, former Cavaliers player, known LeBron adversary, skeptic of odd questions, “You know him better than we do. That was the first time ever. Have you seen the play? You may not have seen it all, but I just thought it was unusual. You do know him better than we do.”

Kyrie: “Yup”


Kyrie: “What?”

Do you have an observation about it?

Kyrie: “Oh, you asked me about that? Oh. Man, tough calls. Tough calls.”

And … scene.

Irving, of course, was in a no-win situation here. Answer the question with some sort of reality-based response like, “Geez, maybe he shouldn’t have thrown an air punch in the direction of the ref, charged at him and used vulgarity in his ear,” and end up in another round of Kyrie vs. LeBron hot takes. Don’t answer the question and end up here, where we can laugh about the relative ridiculousness that is Irving answering questions for LeBron after moving halfway across the country to get away from him.

This wasn’t only Cavaliers-related question Kyrie faced, and he managed a much more thoughtful answer when asked about whether or not he could make the same passes he’s now making back then.

That’s right. Kyrie Irving just cited Teddy Roosevelt, so Masked Woke Untucked Uncle Drew is now Rough Riding Kyrie, too. Please continue to ask Irving all the questions that come to mind, Boston.

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