Does this $125 self-cleaning water bottle really work? We put LARQ to the test

LARQ water bottle in Himalayan Pink (Photo via Instagram/livelarq)

If you’re like me, you’re probably making sustainable choices whenever possible. One of the biggest switches many have made in the past few years is switching to a reusable water bottle.

However, while they’re obviously superior to a single-use plastic bottle in pretty every way, there’s one thing that I hate: cleaning.

A stainless steel water bottle requires pretty frequent cleaning to keep it semi-not gross and semi-not stinky - and even if you take the time to carefully wash it out daily (and seriously, who has time for that?) there’s a good chance that there’s a lingering odour — and worse, taste — after every sip.

Enter the LARQ. I first saw this sleek looking water bottle on Instagram, and honestly, thought it was probably a complete scam.

The LARQ is a self-cleaning, reusable and rechargeable water bottle that promises to neutralize up to 99.9999% of harmful odour-causing bacteria — all using UV-C light (the same way hospital equipment is disinfected).

How does it work? The UV-C LED chips in LARQ are smaller, more energy efficient, non-toxic (mercury free), and more economical compared to traditional Mercury based UV technology. The intelligent technology activates every two hours to purify — and you can activate it simply by filling and pressing the cap. There’s two modes - normal and “adventure” (for a more intense clean.

With a starting price of $125 CAD ($95 USD), it’s admittedly quite a bit more than I’ve spent on a water bottle in the past - but if I could not have to toil away at the cleaning, I thought it’d be worth it.

Long story short: It’s totally worth it. My LARQ came in no time at all to Canada - and unlike many things I see advertised on Instagram, it’s amazing quality and actually does what it promises to do, which is leave you with clean, cold and odourless water.

SHOP IT: Starting at $125

I’ve been using this water bottle for nearly two months - and besides rinsing out and cleaning the rim off where lipstick tends to stick - I haven’t cleaned it at all. The water tastes clean and it smells like….well, nothing. Which is how water is supposed to smell.

The bottle comes in two sizes, 17 or 25 oz, and five colours: Blue, black, mint, granite and the Instagram-worthy Himalayan pink.

And I’m not the only one to praise LARQ’s “sleek and stylish” water bottle. Hundreds of positive reviews back this futuristic-looking bottle up.

“Love using this bottle. I haven't put it down since I got it a week ago,” wrote one reviewer. “Will probably buy another one soon, so that I can leave one at work.”

“I love this new water bottle so much. It’s beautiful, effective, and incredibly portable,” added another.

Reviewers also say its chic look is also a selling point.

“I get compliments often as the design is so sleek,” raved a reviewer. “I’ve found myself drinking more water since I always want to carry it with me!”

Personally, I’m super impressed with the LARQ bottle and as someone who usually ends up buying a couple of new stainless steel bottles a year due to a seemingly pervasive smell, I think it’s totally worth the investment.

If you’re looking to buy LARQ water bottle, you can shop it below:

LARQ Himalayan Pink

SHOP IT: LARQ in Himalayan Pink, starting at $125

LARQ Monaco Blue

SHOP IT: LARQ in Monaco Blue, starting at $125

LARQ Obsidian Black

SHOP IT: LARQ in Obsidian Black, starting at $125

LARQ Seaside Mint

SHOP IT: LARQ in Seaside Mint, starting at $125

LARQ Granite White

SHOP IT: LARQ in Granite White, starting at $125

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