Larry H. Parker, Los Angeles Lawyer Known for ‘We’ll Fight For You’ Ads, Dies at 75

Larry H. Parker, the attorney known for decades to Angelenos for his “we’ll fight for you” personal injury ads, has died at 75.

His law firm partner Ron Beck told TMZ on Friday that the company’s founder and lead partner had passed away, but did not provide further details. Parker’s daughter-in-law also confirmed the news to the outlet.

In his ubiquitous TV spots and numerous billboards around town, the ever-serious Parker vowed to fight for his clients in cases involving car accidents, dog bites, serious injury or wrongful death, along with a plethora of other circumstances.

He also recruited local celebrities, including former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, to appear in his commercials.

“They’ll fight for you,” said the sports legend in a 2016 ad in which he compared his career longevity — and success rate — with Parker.

The attorney started his Long Beach-based law practice in 1974 and ads as far back as the ’80s can be still be found on YouTube.

His advertisements were such a staple of L.A. TV that in the 1990s, Phil Hartman played a Parker-esque personal injury lawyer on “Saturday Night Live” who urged even people who weren’t involved in accidents to sue for “bystander trauma.”

And when Bob Odenkirk made his debut as ethically dubious attorney Saul Goodman on “Breaking Bad” in 2012, his character was dubbed “the Larry H. Parker of Albuquerque” by IGN.

According to the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker’s official site, they are the No. 1 automobile accident law firm in Southern California and have recovered $2 billion in compensation over 50 years of practice, with a 95% success rate.

The firm employs more than 150 attorneys, paralegals and support staff, according to the site, and has offices in California cities from Alhambra to Woodland Hills.

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