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'Masked Singer' Fans Were Pretty Shocked at This Week's Reveal

The Masked Singer season 2 is a completely different ballgame from season 1. The biggest difference? Instead of having the weakest masked singer automatically go home every week, sometimes the two characters that receive the least number of studio audience and judge votes face off in what's called a "smackdown" round. It's a format change that showrunner Izzie Pick Ibarra tells GoodHousekeeping.com she really loves.

"It’s really funny and a great way for the singers to have a bit more fun," she says. "The big reasons for doing it are to give the audience a chance to see them perform again and give the characters a chance to show off their personalities a bit more."

Knowing that, here's a full list of the disguised celebrities who have been sent home and/or lost their smackdown challenge. Even though these contestants were ultimately voted off The Masked Singer, we still count them as winners in our book: