LaVar Ball brings giant ego to 'Lip Sync Battle'

Two Balls and just one belt. Who was going to go home the Lip Sync Battle winner: LaVar Ball or his son, Lonzo Ball?

It wasn't clear who would win with both Balls delivering very unexciting performances. Lonzo kicked off the night, with a dull attempt at Kendrick Lamar's multiple award-winning 2017 hit, "Humble." Honestly, K-Dot deserved more. In fact, Lonzo's lips were barely matching the lyrics. And the same could be said about LaVar's performance of one of Nas's classics "Hate Me Now."

Lonzo's second act was a monotonous performance of "Bad and Boujee" by Migos. You know, the rappers that Lonzo publicly stated are "real hip-hop" after stating, "Don't nobody listen to Nas no more." While Papa Ball took a shot at The Time's "Jungle Love."

Really, the only part of the show worth mentioning was the continuous shade the two were throwing at each other. Following LaVar's first performance, Lonzo stated, "Hey, can I tell you something, LL? If I was Nas, I'd be mad he put on a performance like that on my song."

In the end, LaVar won the belt, shouting, "You already knew the belt was coming to me! They already had my initials: LSB. Lavar Star Ball!" Hmm… pretty sure those aren't his actual initials.