LaVar Ball got booed out of Barclays Center during the NBA Draft

(@rodger_sherman on Twitter)

LaVar Ball, who got more air time than many actual basketball players at the 2017 NBA Draft, and who, over the past six months, somehow built himself into the most polarizing man at the Barclays Center on Thursday night, was showered with boos as he exited the building late in the first round:

The boos had nothing to do with LaVar’s son, Lonzo, nor did they have anything to do with the Lakers’ selection of Lonzo at No. 2 earlier in the evening. They had a lot to do with LaVar’s mouth and the many ludicrous things it has said ever since Lonzo burst onto the scene at UCLA in November.

LaVar, being who he is, lapped up the boos — of course — and had fun with them. He played to the crowd, then tossed his hat into the sea of fans as he left the scene.

Many of those fans had whipped out their iPhones to take videos of LaVar’s exit. To take videos of the dad of an NBA rookie walking down an aisle.

Someday, LaVar’s star will fade. He’ll be nothing more than Lonzo’s dad. But Thursday was clearly not that day. It was not even close.

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