Leaf blower makes toddler’s day in mood-boosting TikTok

This video of a toddler living his best life in front of a leaf blower is a total mood booster!

TikToker Kelsey Susan Lee (@kelseysusanlee) is a parent and content creator who often posts clips of her life as a fitness instructor, wife, and mom of two kids. Recently, Lee shared an adorable video of her 2-year-old son, Cooper, having the time of his life standing in front of a leaf blower, and his pure excitement will brighten your day.

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The clip opens with a shot of Cooper standing in anticipation while a leaf blower extends from the corner of the frame.

Standing barefoot in jeans and a blue sweatshirt, Cooper can hardly contain his excitement. “You ready?” Lee asks from behind the camera, and before Cooper can even shout, “Yeah,” he’s hit by a gust of wind.

Once the leaf blower becomes activated, so does Cooper. Smiling from ear to ear, the toddler delightfully bounces up and down. For a brief moment, it almost looks like he’s air-bound by the force of the wind.

While Cooper giggles and bounces around, his older sister stands behind him as she also enjoys the experience. Wanting to up the ante on the excitement, the fearless toddler approaches the end of the leaf blower just in time for Lee to turn it off and conclude the video.

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The little boy’s wholesome enthusiasm had hearts melting all over TikTok.

“He is so cute! He truly enjoyed that. I love seeing a kid living his best life and just having fun. Thank you for this. It made me smile,” one user commented.

“I need an ounce of that energy,” mentioned one TikToker.

“Your hair dryer went missing soon thereafter,” joked one viewer.

“They’re blown away by this new toy,” cracked another user.

As one TikToker put it, sometimes the “best fun is free.”

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