Leafs offensive production makes them legitimate Stanley Cup threat

In a season where offensive numbers are up across the league, the Leafs still stand out with seven players already hitting the 60-point mark, two of whom could be past 100 by the end of regular-season play, and four players performing at a point-per-game.

Video Transcript

- Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of "In The Mentions." I'm TicTacTOmar.

And the Leafs are on a offensive warpath in the league this season. I mean, yes, we focus on Florida and how many goals they're scoring per game. But like, when you look at the offensive production we're getting from the Leafs this year, it's pretty ridiculous what's going on. So Kerfoot with his assist is the seventh player on the team to have 50 points. That's wild.

You have a solid chance at two 100-point players. Matthews is already there. Marner's on his way.

Then you have four players that could have 80 points, with Tavares and Nylander just there at around 74 and 75 points. And then you have four players, those two including Matthews and Marner, that are at a point per game. I mean, yeah, scoring's up, like, around the league when you look at most teams. But the Leafs this year, man, they're just an offensive threat in many ways, shapes, and form.

I think what we've been seeing lately as-- you know, when they have those games against teams are aren't necessarily a challenge, they're finding ways to win with that offensive skill. That game against the Islanders is a prime example. They weren't playing their best.

But hey, William Nylander scores on the power play, Mitch Marner scores, and you end up winning the game. And I think considering what we're looking for long-term, you definitely want to have that offensive threat because goals win games. Not that nitty-gritty tough stuff that a lot of people like to focus on. Yeah, it helps. But putting the puck in the net a couple times, I think that does a lot more.

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