Is Sam Gagner the next Jason Spezza for Maple Leafs?

In recent years, the Maple Leafs have a track record of signing veteran leaders on short-term deals. Amidst reports that Toronto is interested in Sam Gagner, TicTacTOmar suggests it's time for the organization to rely on its bonafide stars, who now have a lot of experience to lean on.

Video Transcript

OMAR: Is Sam Gagner the next Jason Spezza? There's been talk that apparently him and the Leafs may be working on something. It was mentioned by Pierre LeBrun not too long ago. Now the Leafs have had a habit of getting a veteran person to sign a league minimum deal, be on the fourth line, be that veteran presence.

And when it comes to Gagner in specific, he has other ties regardless of being from the area. He owns part of the Toronto Marlboros with John Tavares. John Tavares is also one of his closest friends. So I can see how things can make sense and kind of link up and align the stars a little bit. And Gagner himself as a player, I think, is highly regarded. I think a lot of Detroit Red Wings fans actually want him to sign back.

Now does it make sense for him to sign with the Leafs? I don't think so. I really don't. I think the Leafs have kind of gone beyond the need for that veteran presence, you know? And that's been an ongoing theme for the longest time when Patrick Marleau signed and Joe Thornton and even Spezza himself, Wayne Simmonds. There's always been, hey, the Leafs need some type of veteran presence for when things get tough. And I think we really need to start relying on the actual players themselves to get things done when things get tough.

So will Gagner sign? I mean, I guess it depends on what the number is. If it ends up being a league minimum deal, I don't think it hurts anyone. But at the same time, I don't know. I really do think it's a good opportunity to maybe see what you have within the organization and give them an opportunity to do so. But for the most part, a lot of you disagree with it. And I'm kind of in that camp as well. I don't really think the Leafs need a Sam Gagner. I think they can rely on other options there.

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