Leah Remini reveals that the Church of Scientology wanted her to convert this one actor

Gibson Johns

Leah Remini is continuing to share secrets from her time as a Scientologist.

The actress, who was a member of the church for over 30 years before famously leaving in 2013, revealed to People this week that the church "always tried" to get her to convert another Hollywood star that was very close to her: Her "The King of Queens" co-star, Kevin James.

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“They always tried to get me to, [asking] ‘Why is he not in? Why have you not promoted it to him?’ I was like, ‘Because he’s Catholic. He doesn’t want anything to do with it,’” Remini told People. “They let it go after a while, but usually you’d be expected to recruit, especially with somebody you work with for nine years.”

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The church denies her claims that it wanted her to convert James into a Scientologist, though that's nothing new -- they have refuted every single one of her comments about the church since she left it four years ago. Her A&E television show, "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath," is currently in its second season, and the church has continually spoken out about the shocking claims she makes about them.

"It is Remini who is the attacker," a Scientology spokesperson told People. "Her whole anti-Scientology shtick was scripted and choreographed by her, casting herself in her drama as the ‘victim’ so she could cash in on her false narrative while savaging her friends and those who helped her most of her life."

When Remini ultimately decided to leave Scientology, it was her former "The King of Queens" co-star who she leaned on during that difficult time in her life.

"He reached out to me and said, 'I'm so proud of you; if you need anything, I'm here," she recalled, before calling him a "real friend."

The pair will star on the upcoming second season of "Kevin Can Wait" on CBS this fall after the network controversially decided to kill off Erinn Hayes' character to make room for Remini to reunite with James on screen.

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