Leah Remini speaks out on controversial 'Kevin Can Wait' season premiere

Gibson Johns, AOL.com

Leah Remini has broken her silence on that controversial "Kevin Can Wait" season 2 premiere.

The actress, who joined the hit CBS show as a series regular for its second season, took to Twitter last week to respond to a handful of fans that were still angry at the way Erinn Hayes' character, Donna, was killed off the show.

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The controversy started when CBS announced this summer that Donna wouldn't be coming back for the show's second season. It was an announcement that many saw as an excuse to make more room for Remini to take on a larger role on the show as her highly-anticipated reunion with "The King of Queens" co-star Kevin James continued.

The issue was exacerbated by last week's season premiere, which unceremoniously handled Donna's between-seasons death. The premiere picked up over a year after her passing and didn't give any explanation as to how she actually died.

Remini didn't hold back when responding to critics, saying that she "didn't make that decision" and cited "real things are going on in the world" as a reason for fans to get over the controversy. The "Leah Remini: Scientology & the Aftermath" creator also insisted that she doesn't know how Hayes' character actually died because she doesn't "write or produce the show."

Not only that, but Remini also had nothing but kind words to say about Hayes herself.

"She is lovely and funny," Remini tweeted at a fan. "And I was looking forward to working with her again. She is on another show -- [a] show on Amazon. So blessings to us all."

See all of Remini's tweets below:

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