Leather and Leo! Keke Palmer Proves She’s DiCaprio’s Biggest Fan with Unique Pants

While it may be impossible for some to name their favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie, Keke's ready to commit in a major way. She showed her love of the actor's 1996 Romeo + Juliet by wearing a black crop top emblazoned with Juliet's last name, "Capulet," plus black leather chaps featuring photos of a young Leo surrounded by rose petals. Who knew the answer to "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" was "I'm right here on your flare chaps"? (Also: On your fuzzy bikini top, because why not?)

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? On Keke Palmer‘s pants!

On Friday afternoon, Palmer, 23, stepped out in New York City wearing a unique two-piece patent leather look. The black collared crop top featured the word “Capulet” written across the back, perhaps an ode to Shakespeare’s Romeo Capulet.

But her ensemble got even more interesting with her rose-covered pant-legs, which had pictures of a young Leonardo DiCaprio — smiling, crying and even giving his best “Blue Steel.”

Putting both “Capulet” and little Leo together, the singer and Scream Queens star appears to be honoring DiCaprio’s role in the 1996 adaptation film Romeo + Juliet, which costarred Claire Danes.

Palmer took to Instagram to share a series of photos from her afternoon, starting with one captioned, “Look back at eet.”

Soon after, she shared a photo of the front of her outfit, and wrote, “When you’re a happy girl living the black woman experience #OneOfAKind #BlackGirlMagic.”

Raymond Hall/GC Images

The star gave a shoutout to her younger sister in another post of her Leo-inspired look, captioning the photo, “Ya sista slayinnnn @_____princessss_____ .”

And this was not the only DiCaprio-themed piece of clothing Palmer wore over the weekend. Also on Friday, the star ignored the freezing N.Y.C. temperatures and decided to wear a jean bikini top with a picture of DiCaprio’s face on each triangle. The top was paired with a powder blue mini skirt and matching fur coat.

“When you were born in the wrong era but don’t care because you will forever be a 90’s girl!,” she wrote in the post.

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In a subsequent post, Palmer shared a similar photo with the caption, “Shout out to @_namilia_ for this sick ass bra top. I feel like Rose in Titanic repping bae on my tits like this … and @gabriel_held, the vintage king, this Dior belt brings tears to me eyes.”

Namilia is a Berlin- and New York City-based designer who also shared the photo of Palmer’s leather Leo look.

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