LeBron James has had about enough of ESPN reporter Mark Schwarz's questions

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James considers a question after a Game 3 loss to the Golden State Warriors. (Getty Images)

The only thing Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James is more fed up with at the NBA Finals than the Golden State Warriors is questions from ESPN reporter Mark Schwarz.

The two had another awkward exchange after Warriors star Kevin Durant delivered the dagger that pushed LeBron’s Cavaliers to a 3-0 deficit for the second straight season:

Schwarz: “Knowing that you had that tremendous recall of moments in games, can you describe what was in your mind both tonight and last year when Kevin Durant launched that shot from the wing?”

James: [Long pause.] “I actually think you should be like a psychiatrist. You want to keep trying to get inside somebody’s mind. That’s your whole thing, huh Mark? What’s in my mind? Miss it so we can get the rebound.”

Schwarz: “Did it feel like last year to you? Did you think of it at that moment?”

James: “No.”

Hey, credit to Schwarz for asking the question and not backing down when James tries to shut it down. To be fair, every question at a postgame press conference is asked to get an athlete’s perspective.

That question from anybody else may not have elicited the same response. As annoyed as James might have been by having to discuss Durant’s heroics while his team faces elimination, he was probably more bothered by the fact the query came from Schwarz, the same reporter who repeatedly asked him about what Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith might have been thinking during his Game 1 gaffe.

At least this time James didn’t pick up his purse, storm off in his shorts suit and tell Schwarz to “be better tomorrow.”

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