LeBron James says he regrets naming his son after him

LeBron James says he regrets naming his son after him in Hollywood Reporter exclusive video. (Getty Images)

LeBron James Jr. is only a rising eighth grader, but recent events prove the weight his name carries.

Evidently, his dad, LeBron James, is aware.

The Hollywood Reporter released an exclusive snippet of the LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s barbershop-set talk show “The Shop” on Thursday. And in the snippet of the show that will debut at 11 p.m. Aug. 28 on HBO, James was asked about his son by Jon Stewart, the former host of The Daily Show.

“What do you say to your kid, though, like, living up to you being their dad, and they’re playing the same sport that you played better than anybody else in the world. How do you give them a peace of mind that they don’t have to be you?” Stewart asked.

“I still regret giving my 14-year-old my name because of that,” James responded in the Hollywood Reporter exclusive. “When I was younger, I didn’t have a dad. So, my whole thing was, whenever I have a kid, not only is he going to be a junior, but I’m going to do everything that this man didn’t do.”

LeBron James Jr. has already entered the sports landscape thanks to footage of him playing in tournaments. On Wednesday night, the hype in Las Vegas surrounding his presence was in-part a reason as to why a game was cancelled.

Time well tell whether or not he will be the basketball player many expect him to be. Regardless, people will be watching. That is the price you pay when you are named after one of — if not the — greatest basketball player to ever walk the earth.

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