Lena Dunham celebrates summer with series of swimsuit photos: 'One piece two piece red piece blue piece'

Lena Dunham is feeling the heat.

The Girls creator and star, 36, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a series of photos of herself posing in a variety of bathing suits. The summer looks ranged from a black one-piece to several colorful bikinis. She played off Dr. Seuss in her caption for the photos, which read, "One piece two piece red piece blue piece."

Dunham's followers appreciated the post. One wrote in the comments section, "I wish I had your confidence…I look at you and think…beautiful! But then I look at myself and can't help but hide everything..you are a role model." Another shared, "You're glowing with happiness! Love to see it."

The Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood actress is no stranger to showing off her bathing suits on social media — though she recently admitted she didn’t always love the beach life. In February, she captioned an Instagram photo of herself posing in a yellow bathing suit, "Until I was 10 I was scared of the beach and would cry hysterically if I touched sand. So I guess what I’m saying is have faith, people can CHANGE!!!"

While Dunham doesn't mind posing online, she said that the backlash she faced following her time on Girls — which skyrocketed her to fame — came with blows to her confidence.

She told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year that "people had a very swift and strong and allergic reaction to what I looked like, and they made it very clear to me."

"I was getting messages — many, many, many of them a day — about what I looked like," she continued. "Things most people will never have said to them in their lives because most of polite society keeps people from walking up to each other at a Target and going like, 'You're fat, you're ugly and you deserve to die.'"

What was extra disappointing to her, she explained, was that these comments weren't just from "Trump-loving men in the heartland," but from other women.

“Probably women with similar body types to me who had internalized the kind of hatred that we are supposed to have of our bodies," she said. "If they weren't going to enjoy their body, then I sure as hell wasn't supposed to enjoy mine."

In October 2021, Dunham — who married her husband Luis Felber one month prior — took to Instagram to share a post about finding happiness in her changing body.

"When will we learn to stop equating thinness with health/happiness? Of course weight loss can be the result of positive change in habits, but guess what? So can weight gain," she shared at the time.

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