Leonard Fournette autographs damaged bumper after car was totaled by Steelers fans

Leonard Fournette, running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars, had a run-in with a few Pittsburgh Steelers fans just a few days after the Jaguars eliminated the Steelers from the playoffs. There wasn’t a brawl or a fight, this was a literal run-in. Their car ran into his car.

Fournette was driving on Interstate 295 in Jacksonville when another car rear-ended his. When he got out, he saw Pennsylvania plates on the car that had collided with his own Mercedes-Maybach 6. Fournette talked to USA Today about the crash, and he seemed a little amused that real Steelers fans had run into his car.

“I wasn’t really worried about it. But the funny thing is, it was Pittsburgh fans. Know what I mean?”

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette had his car rear-ended by Steelers fans, and no, it wasn’t intentional. (AP)

We do know what you mean.

The whole thing was an accident. The Steelers fans didn’t see Fournette’s car and say “let’s put everyone’s lives at risk to show Leonard Fournette how angry we are that he scored three touchdowns against the Steelers and made them lose!” They had driven down to Jacksonville to drop off their in-laws, so it was unintentional, as many car collisions are. Fate just added an ironic twist.

Fournette appeared to take it all in stride, posing for pictures and even leaving a first responder with an odd piece of memorabilia.


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There were no injuries reported and everyone was able to walk away from the accident. Fournette’s car wasn’t as lucky. The six-figure vehicle was totaled, and he’s going to need a new one. But he has the right attitude about it.

“I’ve got to get a whole new car,” Fournette said. “But at least nobody got hurt.”

Cars are replaceable. People? Not so much.

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