I let Lady Gaga pick my Haus Labs order– this is how it went

haus labs launch
Haus Labs UK launch review Inez and Vinoodh

Some things go hand in hand inexplicably. Like who thought to put carrots in a cake? But it just works and we don't question it. When Lady Gaga announced the launch of her vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand Haus Labs in 2019 it immediately made sense. I mean, we're always falling over ourselves to see what her next unique red-carpet fashion and beauty moment will be so of course we want a slice of her beauty magic. And now for us UK huns it’s easier to shop than ever thanks to the launch of Haus Labs on sephora.co.uk and the UK store at Westfield White City.

“I've always loved Sephora,” said Gaga when I caught up with her on Zoom last month ahead of the UK launch. “Sephora has a special place in my heart, and I just love working with them because they believe in what we stand for. We believe in artistry.”

With Haus Labs, artistry, innovation and Gaga’s personal experience with beauty is the driving force behind invention. “I don't just wear makeup anymore. I make makeup. The formulation process is something that I became truly educated in. And I continue to do that all the time. I'm always reading about skin science and skin care. I'm reading about cosmetics, the history of cosmetics, the history of active ingredients.”

haus labs launch
Courtesy of brand

“My favourite product to create for Haus Labs was our foundation and I couldn't possibly say that I created it by myself because it took a massive team of people to create Triclone Skin Tech Foundation,” noted Gaga. “When we went into the lab and I told them about my relationship with Arnica. It has been in my life for a long time because I've had chronic pain since I was 25 years old, and I used Arnica on my body to help with inflammation. I wondered if because it helped my body with inflammation if it would help my skin with inflammation, so I spoke to Gloria about this, who develops our products and we went to the lab with Susan. And then they got to work and they fermented it and they made it 60% more potent than regular Arnica.”

But it’s not just the foundation that has this labour of love backstory or connection to Gaga. When I tried to task her with choosing a must-have she couldn’t– it was like picking a favourite Little Monster. “They all have a place in my heart for different reasons,” she said, swivelling in her chair to pick up a couple more examples. “For the makeup lover who does not want their makeup to transfer especially their lipstick Atomic Shake Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is a pretty magical patent leather lip that does not transfer. So, you know if you're going out to dinner, and you want to have a fab lip on all night, but you don't want it to get all over your teeth and you know, all over the place and come off. It's a product for you.” I can co-sign, the formula is bonkers, in the best kind of way.

As Gaga reels off the list of her faves, I used the opportunity to ask her to pick what she thought I needed in my Haus Labs haul, because if you have the opportunity for Lady Gaga to shop for you, you absolutely do not miss that.

haus labs launch
Wearing my Haus Labs haul Keeks Reid

Of course she smashed my order. Here’s what she picked:

HAUS LABS Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation, £47

It’s the foundation that has gagged fans around the world and gone viral across social so of course this was going to be the number pick from Gaga! It comes in 51 shades (Sephora has them all *scream*).

HAUS LABS Cruelty-Free Foundation Brush, £41

When I first saw the price of this brush it did make my eyes water slightly BUT the quality is unmatched. It’s synthetic, cruelty-free, ultra-soft with the right density to buff and blend foundation seamlessly.

HAUS LABS Bio-Radiant Gel-Powder Highlighter with Fermented Arnica, £44

The texture of this is so interesting– a gel-powder hybrid is not something you come across everyday, but I loved it. I used a brush to apply to the apples of my cheeks up to my temple and thanks to the shade picked for me (Rose Quartz) it was a great blush/highlighter duo.

HAUS LABS Bio-Blurring Talc-Free Loose Setting Powder, £41

I tried the translucent shade as I think it’s good to see if it’s universal and this one passed the test. It isn’t mattifying as such but gives skin a satin—like finish so skin looks like skin but shine has no chance of sneaking through for hours.

HAUS LABS Optic Intensity Eco Gel Eyeliner Pencil, £24

When Gaga told me I needed this in white onyx matte to make my eyes pop, I did think ‘hang on, does Lady Gaga think I look tired?’ but I let it slide and tbh I did look tired so there’s that an she was of course right because swiping this onto my water line made me look 50% more awake instantly.

HAUS LABS PhD Hybrid Lip Oil, £25

For me, this was a real surprise favourite. It’s formulated with prickly pear and vegan collagen so gives lips a naturally plumped look and also adapts colour subtly to a true-to-you tint which for me was a pretty peachy hue. Dior lip oil, step aside you have competition.

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