'Let me live': Kourtney Kardashian hits back after being shamed for eating on camera

After 15 on reality television, it’s safe to say that Kourtney Kardashian is comfortable in front of the camera.

Kourtney Kardashian. Image via Getty Images.

However, fans of the show are criticizing the petite 39-year-old for constantly eating on camera — and Kardashian is not pleased.

On Sunday, Kardashian took to Twitter to comment on the negativity surrounding her eating habits, writing, “I swear I just read 100 comments about me eating on tonight’s episode and some of you are very offended. Let me live.”

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While the Kardashians are used to living in a fish bowl, criticism regarding the eldest of the famous clan seems uncalled for. At only five feet tall, a source close to the star says rarely weighs more than 100 pounds.

Image via Instagram/KourtneyKardash

“She works out and eats in order to try to stay around 100 lbs.,” the unnamed source reveals. “Yes, she eats very healthy but she wants her body to be healthy and not underweight or malnourished.”

While sisters Kim and Khloé have spoken publicly about their struggles to lose weight, the insider says Kourtney has always tried to maintain her weight, and doesn’t want to look too thin.

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Earlier this year, Kardashian made headlines for revealing she weighed 98 pounds, just 36 pounds more than her eldest child, 8-year-old son, Mason.

Fans of the show will attest that the health-conscious mother of three is strict about eating mostly organic foods.

Image via Instagram/KourtneyKardash

“I always try to avoid sugar — especially refined sugar — for so many reasons,” she told followers on her app. “First, sugar is addictive and I notice that after I eat it, I need it. Sugar doesn’t sustain you when you actually need energy, like for a workout. Also, when I eat sugar, I find that more cellulite appears.”

Still, the star clearly knows when to indulge and enjoy a good meal.

When I’m traveling (and sometimes on the weekend), I’ll cheat—I’m a little more lenient now than I was when I first started this whole thing,” she said. “But when I’m home and in my day-to-day routine, I try to exercise five to six times a week and eat healthy every day.”

Live your life, Kourtney. Go for seconds.

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