Let LSU QB Danny Etling tell you what type of center butt he prefers

With more and more college football teams moving to shotgun-based offenses, it’s easy to de-emphasize the importance of the exchange between a center and quarterback in a traditional snap.

LSU quarterback Danny Etling wants you to know that compatibility between a center and quarterback is still very important. And he has a distinct preference when it comes to the contour of the glutes of the center he’s working with.

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“I can just tell you want I look for in a center as far as that,” Etling said Tuesday when asked what LSU center’s butt he preferred. “So what you want is a nice, plump, bottom. Something to put your — some surface area to put your hands on. So then you want them to feel you. So as much as I love [starting center Will Clapp], and as great a football player as he is, he doesn’t have the biggest bottom … but he and I have really worked toward it and I’ve found a nice surface area to put my hands on.”

LSU has been one of the few teams that hasn’t run a primarily shotgun offense, opting for a lot of time with its quarterback under center. That may change in 2017 with new offensive coordinator Matt Canada coming over for Pitt, but it’s a damn good thing that Etling is comfortable with Clapp. You don’t want a fumbled snap or two vs. BYU on Sep. 2 because of bad hand placement on the center’s butt.

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