Liam Payne says Jennifer Lopez gave him her number: 'When I was leaving, she was like ...'

Liam Payne has Jennifer Lopez's cell number — but Alex Rodriguez needn't worry, because Payne says he's too nervous to actually text her.

The singer, now 26, says that he was once invited to Lopez's home to play her some music he'd been working on, and she offered him her number at the end of the meet-up.

A mutual acquaintance introduced them, he said: "They were like, 'Oh, would you like to come to her house?' I was like, 'Sure, why not?'" Payne recalled. "It was the most gorgeous house I've ever seen. I was walking in like, 'Oh my God, what is this?' and she came and met us at the door, and then we just sat in this little studio she had in the back."

He continued, "I played her a bunch of different songs. Then there was one where she started dancing and I was just sat in the chair like 'What the hell is wrong with my life?'"

As he left Lopez's house, "she was like, 'Oh, just take my number.'"

Payne later admitted that he's not sure if he still has the number saved, and he's never actually reached out: "I can't be texting J.Lo," he said.

With or without Lopez, he has plenty on his plate: In addition to his music career, he's a father to a two-year-old child he shares with ex Cheryl Cole.

He's currently dating 19-year-old model Maya Henry. "I've got nothing to hide so it's fine," he said of confirming the relationship.