Survey Reveals the Masturbation Habits of American Men and Women

Sex toy company Tenga teamed up with research firm PSB to gather data about the masturbation habits of 13,000 respondents aged 18 to 74 in 18 different countries.

By simply writing this article, I'm doing something 55 percent of Americans say they never do: talk about masturbation. That stat is one of several findings revealed in a recent masturbation survey conducted by sex toy company Tenga along with research firm PSB, drawing on data from 13,000 respondents ages 18 to 74 in 18 different countries. And even though Americans don't want to talk about it, 84 percent of us admit to self-pleasuring — 92 percent of men and 76 percent of women. That's quite a gap between doing and saying.

Interestingly, though, we have a healthy opinion of masturbation compared to other countries. An impressive 59 percent of Americans believe masturbation is good for you; France is the only other country with a majority of people perceiving it as healthy. In Japan, only 27 percent of the population thinks it's good for you, and in India, 14 percent think it's unhealthy. Still, India is the most sexually satisfied country out of the 18 nations polled for the survey, taking into account not just masturbation but orgasms, the frequency of sex, and connection with a partner.

Obviously, masturbation doesn't require connecting with a partner, but Americans frequently fantasize about being with celebrities when they're masturbating. The survey found that the famous men most often envisioned by Americans are Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Cruise, and Chris Pratt; the famous women topping the list are Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Kylie Jenner.

Tenga makes masturbation aids primarily for men, so it's not surprising that the brand asked plenty of questions about male sex toy usage. For example, when it comes to which country's male population uses sex toys most, the U.K., U.S., and Germany top the list. Perhaps more will consider using them after reading that Americans who have sex with men and who use sex toys report a 90 percent satisfaction level; those who have sex with men who don't use sex toys report a 76 percent satisfaction level. Meanwhile, 80 percent of American men who have used sex toys say they have improved their sexual experience, and 71 percent are willing to use one on their partner; only 53 percent, though, are willing to use one on themselves. To find out more about international masturbation habits, you can check out the survey infographics here.

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