Can lighting your farts on fire be deadly?

The Mythbuster crew took a stab at a myth that’s been haunting campfires for years. Can a fart inside a sleeping bag with an open flame actually kill you by explosion?

The methane gas inside farts is what makes them somewhat flammable, but just how much gas would one need for a deadly blast to occur? Apparently, more than a human can produce.

The guys extracted their own gas into airtight containers, created the perfect camping environment with test dummies and then attempted to blow it up, but the myth was busted. They would need an extreme amount of gas for it to actually go down.

The myth that actually did deem to be possible was an earthquake causing a hot water tank to be able to gain enough pressure and blast through a house’s walls and also an RV. Scary thought if you live in LA with a Winnebago parked outside.