Lili Reinhart dyed her hair 'bronde' and it's the perfect shade for autumn

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As the general rule goes, dyeing your hair lighter for the spring/summer months and darker for autumn/winter is the done thing. Well, that's if we're going off of the examples set by celebrities, of course. We've seen Khloé Kardashian, Camilla Cabello and Paris Jackson all sport different variations of blonde highlights for summer 2022. And now, Lili Reinhart has us prepping for autumn (yep, we're over summer) with her newly-dyed darker hair colour.

For as long as we can remember (well, over the course of six Riverdale seasons), Betty Cooper aka Lili has had blonde highlighted hair with a slightly darker root. But as of just yesterday, Lili has blended that root throughout her whole head of hair by adding in some brunette lowlights. She debuted the look when taking to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

To compare, this was the colour of her hair before:

And this is it now:

Although it's not quite as dramatic as Kim Kardashian's blonde to brunette transformation that she served up at the 2022 Met Gala, the change in Lili's hair is most definitely noticeable.

The mix of blonde highlights with darker brunette strands is one that we like to name 'bronde'. And in case you didn't quite catch the abbreviation there, that is a combination of both blonde and brunette. Think Miley Cyrus' 'Best of Both Worlds'.

The style, too, cannot go a miss as DJ Quintero (Lili's hairstylist) has opted for a very chic low bun, complete with face-framing bangs. That's yet another look to add to our hair-spo boards... the more the merrier, ey!

Now, a message for mother nature: please turn down the heat. Autumn, Halloween SZN and cosying up for a Harry Potter marathon couldn't come soon enough...

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