Lin-Manuel Miranda surprises fan with her very own 'Hamilton' song

Lin Manuel Miranda surprised a lucky fan when he dropped The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The Tony Award winner made up a song about the fan, Hamilton style!

Jimmy Fallon occasionally does a bit in which audience members have songs sung about them by The Roots. And the show took it one further by having Lin-Manuel Miranda sing one of the song.

Fallon simply told Miranda, Lin, "Her Broadway show would be The Sassy Life. And she would love to be played by Adele."

Using the music from the Hamilton song "Alexander Hamilton" as an accompaniment, Miranda ad libbed a song about Olivia.

Miranda sang, "How does a sweet super sweet sweeter than Sweet'N Low and stevia grow up to be a sassy gal Olivia. Oh yeah I've loved her ever since she showed up like Adele wearing those floral prints"

The audience loved his performance, particularly Olivia.